Prescription Refills

  • Have your pharmacy contact us for authorization Quickest and easiest method!
  • Leave a message directly on your physician’s nurse line (405-945-4220, option #4), then select:
  • #1 –  Drs. Scott and Sigler’s nurses
    #2 –   Dr. Malpani’s nurse
    #4  –  Dr. Moore’s nurse
    #5  –  Dr. Albiek’s nurse
    #6  –  Dr. Dooley’s nurse
    #7  –  Dr. Grim’s nurse

      1. Your child’s full name and date of birth
      2. The medication needed and its form (syrup, chewables, etc)
      3. The name and telephone number of your pharmacy.
      4. A phone number where we can reach you if there is a problem honoring your request.

We try to complete all refill requests the same day they are received.  However, if your child is on a medication that requires monitoring, we must have seen him or her in the office within the past six months.  Due to limited time and staffing, we cannot handle prescription refills on weekends, except in the case of medical emergencies.